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Where Go Carts Came From

Go Carts have gained world-wide attention as a beloved vehicle and have been at the center of a well-known tradition and sport. In the Unites States alone, there are over 80 indoor racing tracks. This shows that go carts and their racing hold a significant presence in the lives of many Americans.

Go Cart History Pic

Have you ever wondered where go carts came from? Many people think that these fun little vehicles have been around since shortly after the invention of the car, but you might be surprised to learn that go carts made their debut in the 1950's. A man by the name of Art Ingels is hailed by many as the inventor of the go cart. In 1956, he worked at a company that built race cars. As a result of this line of work, he decided he wanted to build a new and different kind of race car. At his home in Echo Park, California, he worked hard and built the world's first go cart. His invention, of course, skyrocketed in popularity.

We love go carts, and we will continue to share the love of the sport through our blog. Do you have a story about go cart history that you love to share? Please share it with us in a comment below!